And just like that, she is gone…

It didn’t take long to sell her; I knew it wouldn’t. The difficulty never involved securing a transaction, but consisted in finding the “perfect owner” for such a prized asset.

What was so special about this bike? Not the frame, though it was stiff but yet forgiving, or it’s entry level component group, though it performed flawlessly when required. It was the fact that because of this bike, I love cycling as much as I do today.

She will always hold a special place in my heart. Having never owned a bike as a kid, She was my very first road bike. We spent countless hours riding under beautiful sunny skies as well as inclement weather.  With her, I got started and discovered the joy of suffering through intervals. She helped me cope with the stress of my 1L year by being ready for nightly one-hour suffer-fests in my living room.   I could have easily gone the recreational cycling route, but because of the feeling she evoked every time I got on the saddle, I developed a desire to compete.

Interviewing prospective buyers turned more into a questionnaire of their future cycling endeavors than the prototypical craigslist negotiations.  After exchanging numerous emails with interested parties, the one that appeared to be the most suitable was selected.  This afternoon the transaction was finalized, and with that my involvement with the bike.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her, but it is time to move on. I’m quite torn. I’m sad she is gone, but happy she’ll be ridden and enjoyed by someone who appears to treasure her and plans what sounds like a year full of exiting cycling challenges.

She is gone, but will never be forgotten. It is true, you never forget your first.

Caad 9. Last year the frame was made in the US before Cannondale moved its operation overseas

Caad 9. Last year the frame was made in the US before Cannondale moved its operation overseas

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Strava News

Maybe unrelated to Lance’s upcoming TV appearance  but user “Juan Pelota” changed his name to “Lance Armstrong” on Strava just a few days ago.

“Juan’s” real identity was no secret among his most fervent supporters, but why the sudden change? Lance operated under that alias on the strava website since October 2102 and had approximately 4000 followers.  However, “Juan Pelota” (get it “j-one”-pelota) was created and used to book hotels/reserve anonymity since his Tour de France days.  A couple of days after the unexpected change, his follower base instantly multiplied, and has now surpassed the 10,100 mark.  At first, the Strava server had difficulty dealing with the increased traffic, but it seems to have adapted and is coping now.
This sudden increase is nuts considering Strava is a pretty underground social network. Wonder if this is part of his exposure campaign and we’ll hear him refer to the transparency of his training regimen during the TV broadcast.
Only time will tell.


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Oprah will interview Lance Armstrong on January 17!!

CNN Reports:

Many say this is nothing but a media crusade to prepare the public and gather support for what lurks around the horizon, a full blow confession and apology.  Others say this will be the battleground, where all politics and personal pride are put aside, and Lance finally comes clean. Lance has been known for being stubborn and a “my way or the highway” type of character, so if he is to concede anything, it will be under his own terms, not USADAS.

I must first disclose that I have never watched Oprah, so I am not entirely familiar with the show’s dynamics, but what I’ve gathered from clips, magazine articles, etc, is that it appears that the show is sort of a publicized confessional. Public figures parade through the show and discuss pass addictions, recent arrests, and/or mishaps, and cleverly share whatever remedial measures they have taken to right their wrongs.

If so, and the ultimate goal of his calculated move is to seek public absolution, then I must tip my hat and say, well played!!
The general viewer of the Oprah TV Show, and/or her magazine target market, seems likely to be very sympathetic to the cancer cause (Livestrong), and would not really care that much about the sporting aspect of this charade.  Cycling in the U.S. is far from a mainstream sport, and I venture to say that a large percentage of the studio audience would know very little about the Tour de France, other than it taking place in French soil.

So it makes sense that if he is going on an image rebuilding campaign, a media outlet that caters more towards those who still support him, would be a good choice.

Let’s face it society is quick to point fingers and shame, but is just as quick to forgive and selectively forget.  The wagon rides both ways and people jump on it, regardless of which direction it is heading.
I can’t help but draw parallels to Bill Clinton.  Like Lance, who is being prosecuted for what all top cyclists were doing, Bill was impeached for what many other presidents did.  However after official denial, Bill came forward, repented, asked for forgiveness, and voilà- Monica who?  Clinton is now arguably one of the most popular presidents ever.  So the question is, will Lance follow suit?

What do I think is going to happen?

I am certain a sizable part of the broadcast will be spent focusing on staring cancer down, winning that battle,  competing at the Tour using the rules of engagement of pro cyclists in his era, and leveraging the wins to help those fighting cancer.

Hardcore cycling fans will hate it and be left unsatisfied. But those fighting cancer for whom “winning” is a matter of life or death, and not trivial like winning in a sport, will support him.

I’m certain we wont get what we are looking for in the cycling world, not yet anyway. If we were getting a confession about what really took place at US Postal (in exchange for a reduced sentence), there would be a full-blown live press conference called, not a pre-recorded and subsequently aired 1 on 1 with Oprah.
Hopefully, this is simply the stage where Lance announces the LiveStrong Sporting Series (triathlons, marathons, etc), and we can finally kiss Ironman® and their overly priced races good bye.  – I can only dream. But seriously $1200 for an ironman race? What’s next , $10,000 bikes??? Oh wait…

Lance EPO

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100 Runs in 100 days??

Why not? has created a “100 days running challenge.”  Figured that since I’m already running 5-6 days per week, adding a run or two per week would not be overly difficult.
Today was my 5th run.  So far, the legs are feeling pretty fresh.  Granted, up to this point most of my running has been pretty easy and methodical since it is the off season, but we’ll see how things progress as the intensity starts increasing.

Looking at my stats today, I realized that I’m 12 miles away from reaching 1,000 miles (1609km) in 7 months of running!! That’s not too bad considering I’ve had to take time off to taper for a few races as well as a couple of weeks here and there for work and other obligations. – And not horrible considering that about 16 months ago I stopped gasping for air after only running 200 meters of what i thought would be an easy mile.

Reaching the 1,000 mark before the end of the year should not be an issue, but – to make things a bit more interesting-  Im going to try to push and get 12 miles done tomorrow so I can finish it before the end of the Mayan Calendar.  Because you never know =P.


Day 5. – Easy 60 minute run with MikeP in the foreground. Follow him @

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Hello World!!


Thank you for visiting my blog.  My name is Jersey and I’m a passionate amateur triathlete living in San Francisco, CA.
I have created this blog as an avenue to share my interests and stories about different aspects of my active lifestyle.
I hope you navigate away from this page a little more enlightened about me than when you arrived.  Brace yourself, It should be a fun, but disjointed, ride. Image

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